Elizabeth Cooper
When we bought our house nearly 3 years ago, one of the most important criteria was office space. Since my husband and I work from home, it was imperative that we both have offices we love. Over the years, I outgrew my space, especially as I became more involved in my crafting hobby.

I'm sure all of you know exactly what I mean when I say that my crafting supplies started spreading on the floor, against the walls, and all over my desk like weeds! I loved being surrounded by all those colors and textures, but finding anything in that mess was a real challenge.

And then hubby decided he'd had enough, and insisted it was time I had an office upgrade. Well, who am I to argue?

We spent all of last weekend putting together furniture... And this was the result:

Gotta love all that storage!

My work space

My crafting space (the desk is 10 feet long!)

No coffee and tea here! Only buttons and ribbons.

Crafting goodies: stamps, paper, etc.

Another view of my crafting table, and the storage space underneath.

Those bins hold punches, embellishments, and other crafting goodies.

That bookcase used to be crammed full of junk before the office revamp.

Various resources I need for work: books, notebooks, etc.

Your turn! Are you happy with your workspace? If you could make any changes to your existing crafting space, what changes would you make?
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2 Responses
  1. Julia Aston Says:

    Wow! what a lovely space to create in! Everything in it's place and lots or open area to work on! I'm jealous!

  2. Well, we'll see how long it stays this neat. :-) But it's nice while it lasts!